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June 1, 2020
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Solutions for Lingering Infections

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Dr. Anju Mathur created the Angel Longevity Medical Center because she was not getting the results she sought for her patients with mainstream medicine. The Center specializes in alternative medical treatments that do not harm the patient but bring about the desired results. Following are a couple of success stories from her patients.

To be certain you understand what the patient is talking about, we will explain UBI. It stand for Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation and it is used to treat lingering infections and other diseases. The treatment involves removing some blood from the patient, irradiating it with ultraviolet rays like sunlight, and returning it to the patient.

"Every time over the last 20 years, when I have been muscle tested (a technique called applied kinesiology) by chiropractors for the presence of infection, I have tested positive. It was never discovered what this infection was. MD's could not pinpoint the infection. Recently, after several UBI treatments, I was muscle tested for infection by a chiropractor and tested negative.

'Before treatment, my usual sleep pattern has been that I would fall asleep fairly quickly and then become wide wake several hours later, have trouble falling asleep again, and thereafter sleep for periods of an hour or so, until I'd been in bed maybe 8 hours and then not be able to get more sleep or even rest well.

'During and immediately after the first UBI treatment, I felt quite lethargic and sleepy. I went to bed early and stayed in bed for 14 hours, lightly waking several times and falling back to sleep quickly, and then got up, quite sleepy, reluctantly (had business to attend to). After the second UBI treatment, I slept a straight 7 hours - something I hadn't done in 8 years. So the treatment was definitely having an effect. In subsequent treatments, this sleep effect diminished, presumably due to there being less and less infection to handle. Eventually, the sleep pattern returned progressively to essentially pre-treatment levels.

'During and after the first two treatments I felt much more buoyant and in good spirits. I can't say for sure if this was due to the physical benefit of a couple of nights of truly good sleep, or being happy at sleeping well for a couple of nights, or if the loss of infection lifted a suppressing influence of infection from my mood. This feeling continued in some degree thereafter.

'Also, at the same time it appeared that occasional pain in my big toes decreased and flexibility increased and this has generally remained so." R.S.

This story is from a different satisfied patient:

"I have been dealing with a chronic sinus infection for over 5 years. I underwent multiple rounds of antibiotic therapy at different times but could not clean it up. When my health became compromised, it would flare up and soon the full-blown infection would be back. Every time I tried to start an exercise program it would flare up and I would be sick again. After 4 UBI treatments I saw a change in my health. The sinus infection was lessened. I underwent 10 more UBI and felt relaxed and germ free. Cough subsided, lungs were cleaner. I have a stressful job and travel frequently on business. I feel the UBI treatment are strengthening my immune system and making it harder to slip back into the chronic infection." E.M.

The doctors and staff at Angel Longevity Medical Center are interested in helping people, and therefore interested in getting results, without damage to the patient. The alternative medicine used at the Angel Longevity Medical Center is what works.


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