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July 30, 2020
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Teenagers And Oily Hair

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Oily hair or skin is one of the main problems that teenagers face, and it can be a sign of other health related issues that must be addressed. Teenagers have to be able to cope with a lot of changes that go on in their bodies during a short period of time of only a few years. It can be stressful and confusing emotionally, mentally, and socially, but fortunately there are solutions for all these problems.

First of all, the causes that lead to oily hair and skin, acne, and other teenage related health conditions, can have a number of causes, and the main ones are:

1) Hormonal changes which happen very abruptly for teenagers and change their bodies in many ways, signifying the transition to adulthood. The transition can be smooth for some teenagers, but for most it can lead to emotional and physical issues. These changes have to be regarded as normal and temporary, but measures can be taken to ensure a smoother and calmer transition.

2) Emotional imbalances are also triggered by hormones, but also by personality changes and the beginning of a new stage in a teenager's life. Having unbalanced emotions can lead to other problems, including health issues and hormonal imbalances. It is the parent's job to ensure that teenagers are prepared for all the changes that happen with their bodies, including oily hair or acne. This can be a very upsetting matter, but teenagers should know that there are always treatments available for these problems.

3) Stress can be a really huge factor in a teenager's life, and one that can really trigger problems like oily hair and skin. During this period of their lives, teenagers are faced with many exams, expectations from parents and teachers, forming new friendships or keeping old ones, choosing careers and interests in life, and so on. Learning to deal with stress and pressure is essential for all teenagers, and can prevent issues like oily hair, oily skin, and acne.

Although many teenage girls start to take birth control as a method of balancing hormones, the side effects can unfortunately be more severe that people are aware of. Using natural remedies to balance hormones and home-based remedies for oily hair and skin, is a much better approach. Teenagers have to realize that the choices in healthcare, skincare, and hair-care that they make now can be irreversible and can last for a lifetime. Some of the best practices and remedies that can be successfully applied for healthy hair and skin are:

1) Drinking lots of water, which is something that most teenagers tend to overlook. You can't have beautiful skin and hair that are free of grease, if you don't hydrate properly. Two liters or more per day should be a standard practice for all active teenagers, and trying to keep away from other sweet juices or coke will be of great help.

2) Refined sugar is a sure way to unbalance hormones, and it also increases the risk of developing diabetes, metabolism issues, or obesity.

3) Use natural remedies for oily hair and skin, such as rinsing your hair with lemon or vinegar water, using nettle shampoo, using an egg yolk mask, and so on. These are inexpensive treatments that work even faster and better on a teenager's scalp than on an adult one. The advantage is that there are no side-effects from these treatments and that you can use them as often as you wish.

4) Use medicinal shampoo if the problem is more severe and only after you have tried some home-made remedies. There are shampoos that contain different kinds of substances such as salicylic acid or selenium sulfide, which work very well on oily hair. These should only be used for shorter periods of time, as the scalp tends to get accustomed to the chemicals which then become inefficient. Also, you can alternate between medicinal shampoo and an organic degreasing shampoo for better results.

5) Treating constipation is another way to ensure that your hair and skin look wonderful. Toxins and residues that accumulate inside the colon can lead to hormonal problems, skin breakouts, and unhealthy looking hair. It is important to look for natural remedies if you suffer from chronic constipation. Eating lots of fruit and vegetable smoothies is also a good method to get rid of this problem, and it also ensures that you get all the required nutrients for healthy hair and skin.

Teenage skin and hair issues can be a major problem and it can affect the social life of teenagers. This is why it is important to adopt a healthy lifestyle as early as possible, and to learn to handle stress and other emotional issues as well.


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